NCES is a non-profit regional educational service provider comprised of consortium membership from School Administrative Units 3, 7, 9, 20, 23, 35, 36, 58, 68, 77 & 84. 


Be the leader for the region in providing professional development and educational services, facilitating partnerships and fostering collaborations that benefit member schools, advocating for resources for teachers and students, and continuously creating opportunities that enhance education in the North Country.


Be an integral partner with schools to continuously improve the learning experiences of North Country students.

Strategic Priorities

Impact our region: We believe that quality education has the power to impact the vitality of the entire region. This includes the futures of our students, the strength of the economy and the overall quality of life for all who reside in the region.


Be responsible to our stakeholders: We take seriously our commitment to our stakeholders and value their commitment to NCES. We strive to understand the needs of our direct beneficiaries, maintain the fiscal health of the organization, and deepen the relationships we have with all stakeholders.

Build our reputation: We understand that reputation matters. We want to be known statewide as a provider of the highest quality services and educational leadership. Likewise, the reputation of education in the region is integral to community and economic development. We are committed to helping schools provide rich educational experiences for all learners and promoting those successes.



North Country Education Services, first called North Country Education Services Foundation, (and then North Country Education Foundation) was established in September of 1969. It was the result of project "ARISE" which was a cultural arts project funded from 1966-1969.  The concept of NCEF was written by its first director, Victor Walton, and was started from Title III project monies. Title III monies came from Federal Legislation that provided the allocation of money for innovative projects which would not normally be undertaken by school districts.

NCES first opened its doors in North Conway for the purpose of providing:

1.) In-service training for teachers 
2.) Resources for improving human relations in the North Country 
3.) Administrative training and services in order to build technology to improve education 
4.) A central agency for the dissemination of information and materials

Throughout the years, NCES has increased its services to meet the needs of the North Country. With the inception of Public Law 94-142 (Federal Act for free and appropriate education of all individuals regardless of handicap), NCES began to provide the North Country with special education services in a shared, cost-effective manner. Along with the expanding services, came the need for NCES to relocate. Our locations have been in Stratford Hollow, Gorham, Berlin and finally to its present location of 300 Gorham Hill Road in Gorham, New Hampshire.