Benefits of Membership

District membership supports the general operations of NCES. This includes an array of services and supports that benefit the region’s educational community. Additionally, membership provides discounts on special education related direct services, professional development, video conferencing, and other supports provided by NCES.

Advocacy & Support

Advocating on behalf of education throughout the North Country, from obtaining grants to pushing for training and information to be made available locally, NCES plays a valuable role in connecting a vast array of opportunities to schools/educators.

Through a monthly newsletter and other media platforms, NCES keeps educators and education-connected constituents informed about programs, opportunities, resources, and other timely information relevant to the region.

Professional Development

Over $200,000 in grants were acquired for the 2019 school year to engage educators in professional development. Those benefits to members have included these FREE opportunities:

NCES’ grant writing efforts are based in response to what members express as needs. When there is an opportunity to potentially contract services and/or utilize NCES’ facility for a project, NCES may be able to assist in the writing/planning of district-specific grants.

NCES organized a regional professional development day with Lynn Lyons on the topic of helping students to manage anxiety. Collaboration that spreads the cost across multiple districts enables educators in the region to benefit from high-caliber professional speakers.

Championing North Country Schools and Learners

Among the ways NCES champions public education in the North Country is through the annual recognition of the North Country Scholars. This ceremony celebrates the valedictorians, salutatorians, and outstanding Career & Technical Education students throughout the region.

Collaboration for Improved Outcomes

NCES organizes most of the speakers and content for the regional meetings of the principals and the Information Technology Directors. The NCES Executive Director and Associate Director respectively dedicate time into coordinating and supporting these groups. For example, NCES has devoted time to understanding the implications around HB1612 and sharing information on how schools should respond to data security planning.

NCES hosts the regional meeting for special education coordinators and directors for no fee. In most cases NHDOE funds cannot be used to pay for space and refreshments and nearly every NHDOE meeting is hosted for free to make a "northern" site available for disseminating information in this region. There are several other groups NCES hosts for free so these organizations to have a place to convene North Country educators and leaders.

NCES accommodates programs like the Teacher Residency for Rural Education (TRRE) enables residents, host teachers, mentors, and instructors to have a home-base throughout the program.

Technology Services

Membership allows districts to be a part of the North Country Follett Destiny Consortium to host their library management software system through NCES - at a considerable discount. This spares district personnel from maintaining the server and installing updates. Additionally, media specialists and librarians receive technical support.

Membership fees cover the majority of grant writing and project time for responding to opportunities such as the three rounds of USDA Rural Development Telemedicine/Distance Learning grants that have outfitted the region’s schools with distance learning equipment. Inclusive of these benefits are recommendation for software, hardware, and other resources, as well as guidance on how and where to recycle used equipment.

NCES often makes refurbished good quality computers, monitors, and peripherals available to members as well as other equipment that may be useful to schools. For example, surplus oscilloscopes were donated to NCES this year for distribution to schools.

Business Services

NCES serves as a fiscal sponsor or fiscal agent to several organizations that are connected to education. This enables these groups to function and provide services to schools and related communities. Currently these includes the NH Career Technical Association, the Coos Director Network, the Stand-Up Androscoggin Valley Substance Misuse Prevention Coalition, the North Country Career and Technical Student Organization, and NH Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.