The theme for 2015-2016 was Celebrate What's Right. The theme was selected to help us celebrate what is right in our lives by highlighting what has a positive influence in or on the North Country. The film had to celebrate an asset that impacts those living or visiting the North Country (which may also impact those outside the region as well). Assets may include, but are not limited to, people, places (natural or man-made), businesses, organizations, events, new or unique solutions to problems, community groups, activities, natural resources, a way of life, an attraction, something that strengthens the community, etc.

Films nominated for awards in 2015-2016

A Community School in the North Country by Woodland Community School (Winner - Best Cinematography)

Celebrating 100 Years at Stratford by Stratford Public School (Winner)

Claudette & Dean's by Stratford Public School

Lafayette Nursing Home by Lafayette Regional School

Little Village Toy and Book Shop by Lafayette Regional School (Winner)

Meadowstone Farm - A North Country Farm by Woodland Community School (Winner)

Teachers Matter by Lakeway Elementary School (Winner)

The Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country by Lisbon Regional School (Winner)

The Loading Dock by Lafayette Regional School (Winner - Best Technical Merit)

What's Really Right about Copper Cannon Camp by Lafayette Regional School (Winner)

What's Right About Hiking in Northern New Hampshire by Bethlehem Elementary School (Winner - Best Picture)