Lesley Institute for Trauma Sensitivity

North Country Cohort for 2019/2020

Registration for graduate certification in trauma and learning (4 courses).

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In case of late notice cancellation due to weather. In most instances, changes will be communicated via email.
Payments must be made by check or purchase order by October 18th. Sorry, no credit cards. Checks should be payable to NCES and mailed to NCES, 300 Gorham Hill Road, Gorham, NH 03581. No refunds for no shows or cancellations received with less than two weeks notice before the first course.
Please note if you will be mailing a check. If paying by purchase order, indicate which district will be issuing the PO and please include the PO number if possible. PO can be emailed to lisa@ncedservices.org or faxed to 603-466-2907.
Acknowledgement of Terms & Conditions *
By registering for this graduate certificate program, I understand I am committing to participating in all 4 courses. There will be no refunds for missed courses. I understand I could find a substitute to attend in my place for course 1, 2, or 3, but I will only be eligible for the graduate certificate if I successfully complete all four course. I understand that if I must make up a course at another location, I am responsible for travel, accommodations, and other expenses associated with that location. I understand that courses 1, 2, and 3 must be completed in order to take course #4.